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Update Notes:


  • Added support for NPCs to sell vehicles by specifying _Type Vehicle and a _Spawnpoint in vendor asset.

  • Added support for animals to predictably spawn in arena mode.

  • Added Spawn_With_Max_Skills and Spawn_With_Stamina_Skills config options.

  • Added onApplyingDefaultSkills event to PlayerSkills for plugins.


  • Improved WorkshopDownloadIDs.json to properly support auto-updating maps.

  • Improved curse word list to be localizable.


  • Tweaked vendor buying/selling list sorting to be disablable with Disable_Sorting flag.

  • Tweaked area and group messages to include [A] and [G] tags.

  • Tweaked talk-to prompt to show NPC name.


  • Fixed shadows on rich text labels that used capitals in color tags.

  • Fixed a small gap in the trim of House #09.

  • Fixed potential issue when sending chat messages from plugins.

  • Fixed work jeans item material.

  • Fixed amount of chromatic abberation and added option in preferences.json to control intensity.

  • [Greece] Fixed rotation of lighthouse.

  • [Greece] Large variety of quest and NPC related fixes.

  • [Ireland] Fixed damage of Dagger gun in easy mode.

Unturned Item Ids

Unturned Items is a complete, searchable list of all current item IDs, weapon IDs, vehicle IDs, and helicopter IDs in Unturned. This site is actively maintained and updated with all new item IDs every week.

How to Use

@give user/id/amount

@animal id

@vehicle user/id

@experience user/amnt

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