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Danaby, the creator of several popular arena maps on the workshop, has just released his latest creation: Bunker Arena! It's now available in the official pool of arena maps so hop on a server and battle to the death! If you'd like to support Danaby in his creation of future maps you can check out the Bunker Arena Bundle on the Stockpile - get it quick, those items are available for a limited time only.

Update Notes:


Accepted Bunker Arena by Danaby as a timed curated arena map.
Added Max_Packets_Per_Second server config option which kicks spamming players. The default value is very generous, so it can be worth experimenting with what works for your network.


Improved server to rate limit several more potentially spamable actions.
Improved admin buildable editor to hide rotation compression.


Tweaked vehicle to show Blocked messsage when unable to reach entrance.


Fixes from the Hawaii team for several melee items and huts.
Fixed showing published workshop items in submit menu with more than 50 items.

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