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Update Notes

Update Notes:


  • Added Secrets of Neuschwanstein easter egg.

  • Added Prison Warden's Key and ability to lock and unlock cell doors.

  • Added German versions of emergency vehicles.

  • Added support for guns with multiple calibers.

  • Added option for certain areas to have a higher max number of zombies.


  • Tweaked Berlin to have a higher max number of zombies to be more lifelike.

  • Tweaked Augewehr, Nightraider and Fusilaut to take both ranger and military ammunition.

  • Tweaked Syndicate to look more serious.

  • Tweaked to prevent exiting vehicles when a good exit point isn't found.


  • Fixed line color of road over dam.

  • Fixed building underneath rocket chamber.

  • Fixed German tree radius inconsistencies.

  • Fixed misplaced water in waterfall cave entrance.

  • Fixed damaging vehicle on busted coalition doors.

  • Fixed scrapping empire blueprint.

  • Fixed (finally) horde beacon difficulty to get set when initially placed.

  • Fixed zombies falling into blast chamber of rocket launch pad.

  • Fixed baking navmesh on extra tall maps.

  • Fixed beta shirt on left-handed characters.

  • Fixed canned food animation cut off.

  • Fixed devkit objects loading after items. Legacy objects didn't have this problem.

  • Fixed Germany analytics.

Issues reported in this update:

  • Nightraider has the modified magazine attachment points for military magazines but the Augewehr and Fusilaut seem to be missing them causing the magazines to clip through the top of the gun.


Thank you to everyone who's been posting feedback and bug reports around Germany! I've been trying my best to read through all of it and as always it's been a big factor in the changes this update. My intention is to focus on more general changes next update.

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