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Update Notes

Skin Tools

You can now open a level in the devkit and use the Skin Creator Wizard under Windows -> Wizards to create and preview skins in-game.

Once your skin is looking good you can output it to a folder and upload it with the new UGC Upload Wizard to the Curated Workshop. Skins created with this tool will get the "Verified" label and be prioritized for acceptance into the game because I've also added the Skin Acceptor Wizard which is able to import them very quickly.


  • Added skin creator wizard to devkit.

  • Added skin acceptor wizard to devkit.

  • Added to Extras/Bundles/Items/Barricades folder.


  • Tweaked to prevent viewing chart/GPS while blindfolded.

  • Tweaked blindfolds to show over cosmetic glasses.

  • Tweaked several Hawaii spawns/loot balance slightly.


  • Fixed vehicles stuttering while falling on server.

  • Fixed missing lobby in PEI/Washington arenas.

  • Fixed to prevent entering vehicles attached to skycrane.

  • Fixed placing buildables through small gaps.

  • Fixed to include flag template in sources.

  • Fixed several exploits in caves on Hawaii.

Unturned Item Ids

Unturned Items is a complete, searchable list of all current item IDs, weapon IDs, vehicle IDs, and helicopter IDs in Unturned. This site is actively maintained and updated with all new item IDs every week.

How to Use

@give user/id/amount

@animal id

@vehicle user/id

@experience user/amnt

@teleport user/location