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map progress

All of the objects, nature assets and vehicles on my to-do list for the new map are now done! Though a few more are bound to come up as I go I think there's a lot of exciting stuff including suggestions going back several maps. The next step is creating the level itself: from the landscape to the decorations, spawns, lighting, etc.

I'd hoped to have some new content this update for you but ran out of time, so my goal is to work on some of the new items to release ahead of the map in the coming weeks while primarily focusing on the level itself.


  • Added Allow_Shoulder_Camera gameplay config option. When disabled your third person view is centered except when leaning.

  • Added vehicle config options for chance to spawn without a battery or tire.

  • Added angle and obstruction based automatic landscape painting options.

  • Added exact foliage tool mode. [Hotkey W]

  • Added auto splatmap brush. [Hotkey W]

  • Added smooth splatmap brush. [Hotkey E]


  • Tweaked consumables that provides more food than water to constrain the amount of water to food gain.


  • Fixed foliage dithering option not working correctly.

  • Fixed to stop shooting automatic weapons when entering safezone.

  • Fixed deselecting newly copied object in devkit.

  • Fixed drag selecting in fullscreen devkit.

  • Fixed cleaning up server info refresh requests.

  • Fixed old tree models specular lighting.

  • Fixed old tree skyboxes getting cut off.

  • Fixed sending commands faster than chatrate.

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