Viewing Unturned Update Notes Update Notes

Update Notes:


Added Top Gun quest for Andy on the Liberator.

  • Added Fighter Jet ID 140

  • Added Fighter Jet Hat

  • Added Fighter Jet Bottom

  • Added Fighter Jet Top

  • Added assets for waterfalls, simple example in Devtest4.

  • Added effect volumes to devkit for placing particle effects.

  • Added lock handles option to selection tool.

  • Added ability to spawn objects/types by E hotkey in devkit.

  • Added search fields to landscape and foliage filtered browsers.


Improved to run execute.config from cloud folder as well.


Tweaked graphics draw distance to affect decal draw distance.


  • Fixed a performance problem with debug visualization in devkit.

  • Fixed devkit save window checkboxes.

  • Fixed some bugs with pilot weaponry in multiplayer.

  • Fixed decal visibility group visible option.

  • Fixed copying decal selection in devkit.

  • Fixed discolored corner of Diner #3 window.

Map Progress:

I made quite a bit more progress on the assets this week, and will continue with that next week hopefully wrapping up the objects/nature stuff before Friday, then leading into working on the map itself properly. Thanks for all the great suggestions/feedback - keep it coming!

One of the areas I mentioned last week that I worked on are the burning city assets which I teased here if you missed it:

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