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Map Progress:

This week I've been continuing work on the objects for the new map, Silo 22's big brother being the most exciting, and looking through the suggestions/feedback many of you have been posting.

If you have any city/town related ideas I'm especially curious to see those at the moment, for example Washington had the new largest city with overpasses and skyscrapers and Russia had the underground metro system, thinking of a few unique ones for this map like burned to the ground in rubble, flooded district, Coalition fortified encampment - no guarantees but along those lines.

My thinking with the zombie difficulty assets is to allow a new sort of progression where the higher tiered areas of the map have higher concentrations of the more challenging zombie types

Very tangential but Silo 22 was the first object I made the same day we started planning Russia which got me really excited to release the map, I think it's kind of the centerpiece/setpiece, and these new bases have given me the same feeling again!

The goal for next week is to continue new objects, start on the landscape details and potentially begin making new items some of which might come out before the map. Update-wise the next version of Hawaii will ideally be ready sometime before this new map I'm working on.

Update Notes:


  • Added zombie difficulty assets.

  • Added shift-# hotkeys for devkit tools.

  • Added quaternion inspector to devkit.

  • Added transform copy/paste ctrl-b/n hotkeys to dekvit.

  • Added selection mask option to selection tool.

  • Added object browser to devkit.


  • Improved houses to have randomized colors.

  • Improved devkit to save tool configurations.

  • Improved visibility groups panel layout.


  • Tweaked carepackage fall speed slightly slower.


  • Fixed misaligned save/load button labels in devkit.

  • Fixed quest objects not showing up after loading in.

  • Fixed imported workshop skins emissive maps.

  • Fixed using flares to destroy rotors in PvE.

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