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Update Notes:


Added Walkie Talkie. [ID 1445]
Added ability to pop out editor windows and keep in fullscreen.
Added new upgraded translation system.
Added basic visuals for selection and terrain brush tools.
Added new undo/redo system to the devkit.
Accepted 9 new curated workshop items.


Improved editor to save default window layout and menu for saving/loading.
Improved debug lines intersecting objects to darken and checkerboard.


Tweaked command line to forward terminal commands.
Tweaked Steam messages to print in Steam terminal category.
Tweaked terminal messages to be included in .log files.


Fixed to render editor handles after image effects.
Fixed binding terminal to mouse buttons.
Fixed valid caliber range.
Fixed ambiguous Gold error message.
Fixed resetting rain after joining arena server.
Fixed viewport rendertexture scaling.

BattlEye Anti-Cheat:

Another week and we're up to ~7,400 confirmed cheaters banned!


Right now the Walkie Talkie broadcasts on all frequencies, but in the future selecting a specific frequency and listening for radio through car stereo or placeable radio are on the roadmap.


I made quite a bit more progress on the editor revamp this week in a lot of different areas, the most visibly different being that you can load up a level with the new editor now and check out the terrain/selection tool visuals (press R to resize brush for now - much nicer than UI slider) and the movement is better suited for big maps (scroll wheel to change speed) as well as features like panning.

My goals for next week are to work on cleaning up these features, adding the new input system (mainly for controller support) and starting to make the editor functional with the asset editor, saving/loading and some basic level editing.

There were a lot of frustrated comments last week concerning this new focus on improvements, and while some of these improvements aren't as much fun to work on as for example new content I really do believe it's the right thing to do to make the game so much better for the future. As you saw with the Hawaii teaser on Tuesday, even with me focused on features (which will benefit the Hawaii map too in this case) there's still awesome content on the way!


I've written a replacement for the localization system which is now in place for the new editor, and will be phased in over time. It solves the main issues with the old system:

Can be changed at runtime i.e. menu option to swap languages. (Right now "language" terminal command)
Defaults to Steam language, falls back to English, saves the most recently used non-English setting to Steam cloud.
Assets will no longer have individual translation files, rather one main file per-language per-project. For example in the future all gun names could be easily translated.
File format is structured and much nicer, should be straightforward to add a translation editor in the future.
Tokens are versioned so that translators can be alerted when a string has been updated.
Server knows the language of all players so that serverside messages can be translated for each client.
Client loads English and selected language, server loads all languages.

Unturned Item Ids

Unturned Items is a complete, searchable list of all current item IDs, weapon IDs, vehicle IDs, and helicopter IDs in Unturned. This site is actively maintained and updated with all new item IDs every week.

How to Use

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