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Fighter Jet

Item Id: 140

GUID 500a4bf5048648a6b1bad8c78874fe13
Type Vehicle
Rarity Legendary
ID 140

Speed_Min -4
Speed_Max 36

Steer_Min 8
Steer_Max 32

Brake 32
Lift 5

Fuel 1000

Health_Min 600
Health_Max 800
Health 1000

Engine Plane

Cam_Follow_Distance 8

Air_Turn_Responsiveness 4
Air_Steer_Min 32
Air_Steer_Max 64

Explosion 20

Pitch_Drive 0.008

Turrets 1
Turret_0_Seat_Index 0
Turret_0_Item_ID 1471
Turret_0_Yaw_Min -135
Turret_0_Yaw_Max 135
Turret_0_Pitch_Min 85
Turret_0_Pitch_Max 180

Rarity: Legendary

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