Viewing Unturned Vehicle IDs

Item Name Item Id
C Black Offroader1
C Blue Offroader2
C Green Offroader3
C Orange Offroader4
C Purple Offroader5
C Red Offroader6
C White Offroader7
C Yellow Offroader8
C Black Hatchback9
C Blue Hatchback10
C Green Hatchback11
C Orange Hatchback12
C Purple Hatchback13
C Red Hatchback14
C White Hatchback15
C Yellow Hatchback16
C Black Truck17
C Blue Truck18
C Green Truck19
C Orange Truck20
C Purple Truck21
C Red Truck22
C White Truck23
C Yellow Truck24
C Black Sedan25
C Blue Sedan26
C Green Sedan27
C Orange Sedan28
C Purple Sedan29
C Red Sedan30
C White Sedan31
C Yellow Sedan32
C Police Car33
C Fire Truck34
C Black Van35
C Blue Van36
C Green Van37
C Orange Van38
C Purple Van39
C Red Van40
C White Van41
C Yellow Van42
R Black Roadster43
R Blue Roadster44
R Green Roadster45
R Orange Roadster46
R Purple Roadster47
R Red Roadster48
R White Roadster49
R Yellow Roadster50
R Ural51
R Humvee52
U Ambulance54
R Desert Ural55
R Desert Humvee56
L Desert APC57
U Explorer58
C Black Snowmobile59
C Blue Snowmobile60
C Green Snowmobile61
C Orange Snowmobile62
C Purple Snowmobile63
C Red Snowmobile64
C White Snowmobile65
C Yellow Snowmobile66
C Black Quad67
C Blue Quad68
C Green Quad69
C Orange Quad70
C Purple Quad71
C Red Quad72
C White Quad73
C Yellow Quad74
U Golfcart75
U Taxi76
E Racecar77
E Black Racecar78
E Green Racecar79
E Orange Racecar80
E Purple Racecar81
E Red Racecar82
E White Racecar83
E Yellow Racecar84
U Tractor (Green)85
U Bus86
R Forest Jeep87
R Desert Jeep88
R Makeshift Vehicle (4-seater)89
E Makeshift Vehicle (6-seater)90
E Makeshift Vehicle (1-seater)91
E Sandpiper92
E Forest Huey93
E Desert Huey94
E skycrane95
R otter96
R Roundabout97
C Black Jetski98
C Blue jetski99
C Green Jetski100
C Orange Jetski101
C Purple Jetski102
C Red Jetski103
C White Jetski104
C Yellow Jetski105
E Police Helicopter106
L Hummingbird107
U Police Launch108
L Rainbow Hatchback109
C Black Auto110
C Blue Auto111
C Green Auto112
C Orange Auto113
C Purple Auto114
C Red Auto115
C White Auto116
C Yellow Auto117
R Toiler118
L Vodnik119
L Forest Tank120
L Desert Tank121
C Luggage Car122
E Ghost123
E Dinghy124
C Black Rover125
C Blue Rover126
C Green Rover127
C Orange Rover128
C Purple Rover129
C Red Rover130
C White Rover131
C Yellow Rover132
E Annushka133
E Orca134
L Hind135
E Ural (Olive)136
L Russian Tank137
U Tractor138
R Moon Buggy139
L Armored Police Truck802
R Commander803
U Fire Tanker804
U Fire Chief805
E Coaster806
L Hovercraft807
E Bouncer808
R Coastguard Truck809
E Coastguard Seaplane810
R Red Sportscar811
R Blue Sportscar813
R Green Sportscar814
R Orange Sportscar815
R Purple Sportscar816
U Orange Dune Buggy819
U Red Dune Buggy820
U Black Dune Buggy821
U Blue Dune Buggy822
U Green Dune Buggy823
U Purple Dune Buggy824
U White Dune Buggy825
U Yellow Dune Buggy826
E Fishing Boat827
R Coastguard Jeep828
R Desert Truck829
E War Machine830
E Skipper831
L Blue Scrounger832
L Black Scrounger832
L Green Scrounger834
L Orange Scrounger835
L Red Scrounger836
L Purple Scrounger837
L White Scrounger838
L Yellow Scrounger839
U Red Glider1800
U Blue Glider1801
U Green Glider1802
U Orange Glider1803
U White Glider1804
U Purple Glider1805
U Black Glider1806

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