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Update Notes:


Added radio frequency option to groups menu.

Added planar reflection quality setting.

Added tile draw distance option to instanced foliage mesh assets.

Added options for max ping and queue/game timeout to server config. Added placard signs. [IDs 1467-1470]


Improved holographic sights to stay centered.

Improved scope off performance and scaling. Improved ocean reflection performance.

Improved mp position compression to work with taller maps.


Updated to Unity 5.6


Tweaked to cap aspect ratio at 21:9 Tweaked stereo audio range lower.

Tweaked small pebbles tile draw distance lower.


Fixed server asking itself for quest info.

Fixed using asset/type browsers outside of editor.

Fixed an exploit with NPC vendors.

Fixed tourist hat mythical hook. Fixed moonbuggy misconfigured seats.


This week I also uploaded two new video tutorials:

Creating Custom Songs

Uploading Skins to the Curated Workshop

Unity 5.6:

My primary motive updating to Unity 5.6 was for the new navmesh system, but unfortunately the navmesh data cannot yet be saved/loaded at runtime. This means it would have to be re-calculated when loading the level bringing loading times up into several minutes at least, so we're stuck with ...

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Under the play menu you can now form a lobby and invite friends from your Steam friends list. When the lobby leader joins a server everyone else in the lobby will automatically join as well and form a group in-game.


To quickly find an ideal server (especially for new players) you can use the matchmaker under the play menu which will find a server with the most players and lowest ping it can. In the options menu you can configure the minimum players and maximum ping as well as show the full list of maps.


Previously you could form alliances in-game by forming a Steam group, but this was a lot of hassle. Now you can create, join and leave groups in-game from the playerlist, and automatically get put into a group when playing in a lobby. As group owner you can rename the group and promote/demote admins to invite and kick members.Edit: Old groups were converted to the new group system when joining the server with the first player to join as the owner so bases should still be functional, but I'm seeing a lot of feedback arguing for some of the pros ...

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Update Notes:


  • Added stereo. [ID 1466]
  • Added playtime drop skins for all melee weapons.
  • Added option to disable featured workshop item section.
  • Added moon buggy. [ID 139]
  • Added Use_Legacy_Fog_Height and Use_Legacy_Oxygen_Height to level config.


Transplanted PEI and surrounding waters to another planet for a change of scenery.


Tweaked more food items to cause hallucinations in line with their real life counterparts.

  • Fixed devkit browsers to reset scrollbar when refreshed.
  • Fixed naming of skin creator secondary folders.
  • Fixed several objects showing up black.
  • Fixed coastguard window collision.


For the moment only Unturned's theme song is available officially, but adding custom music is relatively straightforward. Export audioclips from Unity into an assetbundle ending with .content. Then create a stereo song asset from the asset browser (right click) and drag/drop the audioclip into the song slot. The theme song example file can be found in Bundles/Assets/Songs.

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Update Notes


  • Added popular workshop item display to main menu news.

  • Added ability to spawn level objects from the asset browser and modify them in the devkit.

  • Added object upgrade wizard to convert old objects to work in the devkit and Use_Legacy_Objects option.

  • Added new upgraded visibility groups options to devkit.


  • Improved skin acceptor tool.

  • Improved images in news to expand/contract when clicked.

  • Improved RAM usage.


  • Updated BattlEye.


  • Fixed timing related duplication bug with a few item types.

  • Fixed getting stuck in corner of windmill.

  • Fixed closing doors into vehicles.

  • Fixed incorrectly formatted secondary skin outputs.

Featured Workshop Slot

The main menu now automatically features an announcement post about one of the top three workshop items from the past month. The goal here is to help give traffic to some of the best community content when you might not otherwise see it, and I can manually highlight/promote specific high quality workshop items that aren't getting the attention they deserve.

Devkit Objects

If your map is using the devkit you can now convert old objects to work properly with the devkit tools by using the upgrade wizard and then setting Use_Legacy_Objects to false in ...

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Update Notes

Skin Tools

You can now open a level in the devkit and use the Skin Creator Wizard under Windows -> Wizards to create and preview skins in-game.

Once your skin is looking good you can output it to a folder and upload it with the new UGC Upload Wizard to the Curated Workshop. Skins created with this tool will get the "Verified" label and be prioritized for acceptance into the game because I've also added the Skin Acceptor Wizard which is able to import them very quickly.


  • Added skin creator wizard to devkit.

  • Added skin acceptor wizard to devkit.

  • Added to Extras/Bundles/Items/Barricades folder.


  • Tweaked to prevent viewing chart/GPS while blindfolded.

  • Tweaked blindfolds to show over cosmetic glasses.

  • Tweaked several Hawaii spawns/loot balance slightly.


  • Fixed vehicles stuttering while falling on server.

  • Fixed missing lobby in PEI/Washington arenas.

  • Fixed to prevent entering vehicles attached to skycrane.

  • Fixed placing buildables through small gaps.

  • Fixed to include flag template in sources.

  • Fixed several exploits in caves on Hawaii.

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Update Notes:


  • Added blindfold. [ID 1464]

  • Added a few more caves to Hawaii and large cavern.

  • Added workshop upload wizard to devkit.

  • Added automatic serverside workshop downloads.

  • Added more foliage details to Hawaii.

  • Added maple and pine beams to Hawaii.

  • Added coastguard mega zombie.


  • Tweaked coastguard spawns.


  • Fixed potential problem causing rockets to explode early.

  • Fixed no lighting mode to work more nicely with water.

  • Fixed not broadcasting player position while rubberbanding.

  • Fixed industrial pipe grate serverside collision.

  • Fixed hospital fortification slots.

  • Fixed airlock serverside collision.

  • Fixed fences serverside collision.

  • Fixed Hawaii waterpark duplicate water.

Workshop Changes:

Under Windows > Wizards in the devkit you can use the UGC upload wizard to publish your content to the Steam workshop. It's very similar to the old tool at the moment, but has a basic file browser to make setting up the paths easier. Next up I intend to add a tool to make creating skins easier and faster to import.

Each server instance now has a WorkshopDownloadIDs.json file which the server will automatically download those items before starting up. It works similarly to the clientside downloads, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be going ...

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Update Notes:


  • Added hang gliders.

  • Added war boat, skipper and scrounger vehicles.

  • Added deadzone to Hawaii.

  • Added option to preferences to disable bloom lens dirt.


  • Improved volcano area on Hawaii.

  • Improved to log asset capitalization differences to errors.


  • Tweaked hovercraft skirt, turn radius.

  • Tweaked seaplane bumper size.


  • Fixed placing storage on drowned vehicles about to despawn.

  • Fixed to properly cleanup buildables on vehicle when despawned.

  • Fixed chart baking and updated Hawaii chart.

  • Fixed closing editor pause menu.

  • Fixed possible bug with devkit dropdowns.

  • Fixed saving kill volume configuration.

  • Fixed naming of several Hawaii objects breaking Linux servers.

  • Fixed placing barricades on a few vehicles.

  • Fixed seaplane tail colliders and removed halos.

  • Fixed coaster seats 3 and 4 to face forward.

  • Fixed colliders and headlight/taillight on fishing boat.

  • Fixed mismatched materials on serveral vehicles.

  • Fixed colliders and incorrect seats in fire truck.

  • Fixed fishing boat boyancy alignment.

  • Fixed hospital vehicle collision and hospital building fortification slots.

  • Fixed spruance fortification slots.

  • Fixed cruiseliner glass transparency.

  • Fixed Industrial_Pipe_Gate serverside collision.

  • Fixed tree stump materials and hitboxes.

  • Fixed lighting on seaweed objects.

  • Fixed clipping on Haiku railings.

  • Fixed ship repair bay fortification slots.

  • Fixed floating phones.

  • Fixed floating/sunken ...

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Hawaii Map:

Hawaii is Unturned's first Curated map and now available in-game!
It's been built from the ground up by the following community workshop creators:

Justin "Gamez2much" Morton
Terran "Spyjack" Orion
Alex "Rainz2much" Stoyanov
Amanda "Mooki2much" Hubler

If you are enjoying the map and would like to support them consider checking out the new Hawaii Mystery Box!

View Hawaii Map Mystery Box

We're trying something a bit different - this past week I've been involved cleaning up and fixing the map, but the continued development remains in their hands (although I will still help with fixes, making sure it fits the artstyle, etc) and they'll be able to upload updates to the map. You can submit your feedback/bug reports to them through the feedback link in the map selection menu.

Here's the launch post on their team's blog: Hawaii is here!

Screenshot Contest:

Thanks for all your submissions - the response was overwhelming! I scanned through a couple thousand and accepted many winners, but unfortunately couldn't cover them all. It's obviously been very popular however, so it will continue through the community screenshots section. I will consider screenshots following the same rules ...

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Screenshot Contest:

Edit: The e-mail server seems to have died from all the image attachments, looking into it.

Are you a survivor with an eye for photography? You're in luck - this week we're running a contest to update Unturned's loading screens! If your screenshot is selected it will be used in the background art and you'll win a special in-game item!


  • Game running at 1920x1080 resolution

  • Disable HUD - press the home key by default

  • Turn up graphics to ultra for the screenshot

  • Use the screenshot key for 2x resolution - press the insert key by default. The output image will be saved as "Screenshot.png" in your Unturned folder

  • No post-processing mods/image editing

Send your entry to contest[at] with links to your screenshot(s) and your Steam profile (needed to grant award)!

Update Notes:


  • Added keybind to take a 2x resolution screenshot. [Default Insert]

  • Added swimming trunks to beach spawns.

  • Added credits screen to main pause menu.

  • Added animated lava object.


  • Tweaked vehicles with inconsistent numbers of physical and visual wheels to have invincible tires temporarily.


  • Fixed a foliage related performance regression.

  • Fixed equipping newly dropped/exchanged items.

  • Fixed ...

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Vehicle Changes:

All vehicles now spawn with a battery. The battery charges while the engine is running, and drains down if the headlights/siren are left on with the engine off. If the battery runs out while driving the horn, headlights, taillights and sirens will stop working. If the battery is dead when entering the vehicle the ignition will not function. You can remove the battery in the vehicle context menu, and add one by using a replacement found at mechanics/gas stations.

Caltrops and weaponry now damage most wheeled vehicles' tires. Handling is significantly impacted by lack of wheels, but they can be replaced by attaching a new tire found at mechanics/gas stations.

Update Notes:


  •  Added Vehicle Battery. [ID 1450]

  •  Added battery charge required to use headlights/sirens/horn.

  •  Added ability to steal vehicle battery to disable ignition.

  •  Added Car Tire. [ID 1451]

  •  Added ability for weapons and caltrops to damage car tires.

  •  Added Use_Water_Height_Transparent_Sort flag for transparent objects above/below water.

  •  Added death cause option to kill volumes.

  •  Finished most of the Hawaii cosmetics/skins.


  • Improved loading screens to pick random image from and map /Screenshots folder.

  • Improved server info screen to show gamemode.

Tweaks ...

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Update Notes:


  • Added mesh/tree/object painting brush to foliage tool.

  • Added sea level water volume option to disable puddles underneath.

  • Added water volume type option for dirty/salty/clean refills.

  • Added option to preview affected coordinates to landscape tool.

  • Added foliage volume options to block specific foliage types.


  • Improved landscape tool to use inspector and support config undo/redo.

  • Improved to cull large water volume surfaces as multiple tiles.

  • Improved multiple/single enum inspector, added InspectableEnum attribute.

  • Updated to Steamworks 1.39.

  • Updated to Unity 5.5.1f1.


  • Tweaked equipped Steam items to show a gear icon.

  • Tweaked to ignore econ ticket until fixed.


  • Fixed several missing example object bundles.

  • Fixed potential problem loading game mode.

  • Fixed level to save objects by GUID.

Foliage Brush:

You can use this to quickly mass-place objects like pebbles, grass, trees and boulders. For example you could paint some pebbles onto the ground around a crash site, or boulder objects onto a cliffside like in the Russia map. Check out painting the Boulders_00_Collection for an example of that. Hold shift to erase painted details, or control to erase only the selected asset/collection

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Edit for Econ Ticket Failure:

Valve have confirmed they're working on fixing it for the next Steam update, however there isn't a solid release date for that yet. In the meantime a temporary workaround is to dequip your skins and cosmetics.

Update Notes:


  • Added water volumes to devkit. [Demos in Devtest4]

  • Added selection tool options menu.

  • Added tooltips to devkit.

  • Added kill volumes to devkit.

  • Added basis for gamemode mods.


  • Improved PEI materials/boulders to more closely match reality.

  • Improved devkit to save editor position/rotation.

  • Improved devkit to allow dragging/dropping type references.


  • Tweaked devkit loading window to show editable levels list.


  • Fixed spamming swap thirdperson shoulder next to wall to see through it for a frame.

  • Fixed creating empty assets without hash.

  • Fixed stuck reloading assets when pressing insert.

  • Fixed gaps in castle_1 turrets.

  • Fixed calling card iron sights name.

  • Fixed to include new trees in examples folder.

  • Fixed canned ham 2nd LOD color.

Water Changes:
It's now possible to have multiple elevations and connected bodies of water in a level using the new water volumes, for example lakes, dams and swimming pools. Previously water was completely flat allowing a simple ...

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Workshop Crate #1:

The first community-created mystery box is now dropping as the January 2017 Workshop Crate #1! All of the contents were voted on in the curated workshop, and are the first time you can get mythical variants of workshop items!

To open a workshop crate you will need the associated workshop key available from the stockpile. This is because the sales of the special key are split with the creators of the items in the crate. Future non-workshop mystery boxes will continue to use the normal mystery box key, however.

Translation Editor:

For anyone who worked with the old localization features this should hopefully be a huge upgrade. From the devkit you can now open the new translation editor which automatically handles several annoying tasks from before:

Misses list shows all translation references that failed to find their text, and gives you the option to add the missing text.
Delta list displays every english token that either doesn't exist in your loaded translation, or has been updated/changed since you last translated it alongside their english counterpart for comparison.
Tree editor groups all tokens in english or your translation language from any official and mod namespaces installed ...

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Update Notes:


Added Scalar to airdrops. [IDs 1447-1449]
Scalar Iron Sights
Scalar Magazine

Added vehicle perspective option which limits third person to vehicles only.


Improved singleplayer menu to categorize map types. [Hawaii and other upcoming community-created updates will belong to the Curated category.]


Cleaned up after festive event.


Fixed precision building mode sometimes getting scrambled when moving large numbers of objects between tiles.
Fixed to remove grass under bases again. [Forgot to add this feature to the new system last week!]
Fixed to pad character buildable obstruction bounds slightly.
Fixed sticky grenade getting stuck midair immediately after throw.
Fixed new foliage wind off on low setting.
Fixed unable to toggle lasers/lights in safezone.
Fixed new candycane skins' descriptions.
Bullet-proofed many custom asset/content related features.

Wednesday Update:

We're off to Vancouver visiting family the next few days so the update is earlier this week, but next Friday everything should be back to schedule.

Workshop Crate Upcoming:

Valve has added support for mystery boxes containing community-created items, so if you're working on some cool skins make sure to get them on the workshop soon! I'll be aiming to set one of these ...

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Steam Awards 2016:

Unturned has been nominated for the "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" award alongside Starbound, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Stardew Valley and Paladins!

Steam Awards 2016 - Vote For Unturned!

If you would like to cast your vote here's a link to the page on Steam:

Vote Here

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for Unturned in the nominations and this final round, I never imagined Unturned would be in the running for an award so this is absolutely mind blowing! Regardless of whether or not we win the award, I'm very humbled by all your awesome support and proud to see Unturned in the company of these other amazing games!

Update Notes:


Upgraded all official maps to use the new landscape and foliage features.
Added wizard to help convert existing terrain to the new systems.
Added miscellaneous features required for the upgrade to the foliage editors and devkit.
Added graphics option to draw foliage when aiming scope or binoculars.
Added alert to the main menu when BattleEye is not running.
Wrapped up presents under trees on Festive Russia map.
Accepted a few more festive themed curated workshop skins.


Updated to Unity 5.5.0p3 ...

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Festive Update:

Russia has frozen over for the winter! It's cold enough that a swim is an easy way to freeze yourself, but on land you should be fine - aside from the restricted visibility! The Festive Gift Present is also dropping again with some new skins and elf outfit, although at a 50% chance rather than the usual 100% because the event is longer than previously. A few curated workshop items were accepted this week, but there will be another wave next week so get yours in as soon as possible if you're working on a holiday themed item!

Update Notes:

Added Festive Russia map.
Added Festive Gift Present to drops with some new items inside.
Added 10x higher detail versions of every tree model and option to enable them.
Added graphics option for wind quality, low being the old windy foliage option.
Added rewritten higher performance/quality grass/foliage system, more info below.
Accepted a few festive themed curated workshop skins.
BattlEye security update. (for all BattlEye protected games)
Tweaked several large boulders to have landmark LODs.
Temporarily disabled ambient occlusion in forward render mode.
Fixed items in storage getting dropping in the ...

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Edit for

There was a very confusing bug in multiplayer after the update came out where your character would bounce up/down while playing on a server, so I reverted the update while hunting it down. Unfortunately I didn't run into it while testing because of an option I had enabled on my server. It turned out that due to the bayonet fix the input packet was getting corrupted such that the server thought you were holding the jump key, so your player was rubberbanding to match the server's bunnyhops! :)

Update Notes:


Added rewritten/upgraded landscape system, new tools and holes support.
Added Devtest4 map.
Added basic type browser/content browser.
Added terrain quality graphics option.


Improved snow and ice to glitter in the sunlight and added option to disable.
Improved landscape and nature objects to use triplanar mapping and added option to disable.
Improved rain puddles not to form under main sea level.


Tweaked snowflake particle lighting to be more visible.
Tweaked traps not to count as PvP deaths.


Fixed server incorrectly rejecting bayonet hits.
Fixed to prevent specular highlights on foliage and terrain aside from rain.
Fixed standing ...

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Update Notes:


Added Earpiece. [ID 1446]
Added devkit save window.
Added devkit object inspector.
Added devkit asset browser.
Added base functionality to devkit selection/transform tool.
Added devkit undo/redo transactions window.
Added per-server instance maps/bundles folders for limited server hosts.


Updated to Unity 5.5.0f3.


Tweaked BattlEye ban alerts to show in chat.
Tweaked transparent object sorting to change based on water and camera position.
Tweaked scoped recoil reduction lower.


Fixed potential issue when checking for Gold ownership with Steam.
Fixed exiting editor window while dragging or resizing.
Fixed not to render motion vectors for intersect highlight materials.
Added terminal argument and key/value parsers to cover all C# built-in types.
Cleaned up field/property delta undo/redo code and performance.
Cleaned up translation metadata reading.
Cleaned up key/value file reading/writing code.


This week we're up to ~8,600 bans, (~1,200 more than last week) so it looks like the cheaters are starting to give up!

If you've been getting an "Unsupported Modules" BattlEye kick you'll need to remove any folders other than "Framework" and "Unturned" from your Unturned/Modules directory. In the future as modules ...

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Update Notes:


Added Walkie Talkie. [ID 1445]
Added ability to pop out editor windows and keep in fullscreen.
Added new upgraded translation system.
Added basic visuals for selection and terrain brush tools.
Added new undo/redo system to the devkit.
Accepted 9 new curated workshop items.


Improved editor to save default window layout and menu for saving/loading.
Improved debug lines intersecting objects to darken and checkerboard.


Tweaked command line to forward terminal commands.
Tweaked Steam messages to print in Steam terminal category.
Tweaked terminal messages to be included in .log files.


Fixed to render editor handles after image effects.
Fixed binding terminal to mouse buttons.
Fixed valid caliber range.
Fixed ambiguous Gold error message.
Fixed resetting rain after joining arena server.
Fixed viewport rendertexture scaling.

BattlEye Anti-Cheat:

Another week and we're up to ~7,400 confirmed cheaters banned!


Right now the Walkie Talkie broadcasts on all frequencies, but in the future selecting a specific frequency and listening for radio through car stereo or placeable radio are on the roadmap.


I made quite a bit more progress on the editor revamp this week in a lot of different areas, the most visibly different ...

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Bastian [the founder of BattlEye] and I have been back and forth about integrating it for absolutely ages, and today I'm very happy to say BattlEye starts a trial run in Unturned! Because of how Unturned cheats work it should be able to completely block them, meaning all servers running BattlEye should become almost cheater free!

The trial run will last a month where we'll be making sure it's effective, fixing any issues related to it and getting an idea of the average traffic to BattlEye's backend servers. Note that pricing is dependant on player population, so fair warning: it might become a Gold Server only feature.

Most of my time this week went into debugging Unturned BattlEye [First Unity/C# game using it!] so there's not much new content, but as a result I'm relatively confident it's stable.

Serverside modules/plugins [e.g. RocketMod] should be compatible, but if you want you can disable BattlEye on your server by setting BattlEye_Secure to false in Config.json. Clientside modules, however, require that you select the alternative launch option in Steam "Play without BattlEye" because clientside modules can be used as cheats.

Note: You ...

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Edit for Patch:

Aside from fixes this patch also adds an option to enable/disable Skybox Reflections, unfortunately this is lower performance compared to the previous method, but that didn't work outside the editor.

With these updates changing so many core features I think we'll start using the preview branch again soon to avoid breaking the public version.


Added nifty new inventions available from Doc Ernie.
Added settings for chromatic aberration, film grain, TAA and screenspace reflections.
Added settings to disable anisotropic filtering.
Added Coalition rank and quest achievements.
Added config option for Ray_Aggressor_Distance, now default 8 rather than 4.
Added skins for Hawkhound, Schofield and Masterkey.
Added first step of Modules feature.


Improved rain to form puddles and ripple on the ground.
Improved postprocessing to use new official Unity shaders.
Improved explosions to leave scorch marks in deferred render mode.
Updated to Unity 5.4.2p3 from 5.4.0p4.


Tweaked unboxing to show warning if unknown item is opened.
Tweaked aircraft carrier to have a basic navmesh.


Fixed buildables to better fit incorrectly placed slots.
Fixed quest interactable clientside prediction issues.
Fixed Hawkhound_8, Sportshot_10 and Viper_25 to be ...

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In celebration of Halloween until the next update you will now get dropped Halloween Gift Presents filled with free costumes, and can visit the Liberator to find the crew all dressed up! The biggest wave yet of mostly spooky curated workshop items was also accepted and now available on the Stockpile if you'd like to take a look:

View Stockpile

The most exciting bit for last however: there's a new secret achievement to solve, much more complex than the first! In my opinion it's a lot fairer (no localchat puzzle), so no hints this time!

Update Notes:


Added Mk. II achievement/puzzle/easter egg.
Added new items to Halloween Gift Present.
Accepted a ton of new curated workshop items.


Decorated the Liberator for Halloween.


Tweaked galley to sell snack food items.


Fixed bug preventing binding keys to mouse buttons 4-7.
Fixed chamber door decal material.
Fixed missing space in scout dialogue.
Fixed using bayonet while sprinting.
Fixed some issues with fog in deferred mode.
Fixed satellite terrain capture in deferred mode.
Fixed decals swapping modes when reloading area.
Fixed terrain reflection to only use basemap.
Fixed radiation splat decal deferred emission.

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Added traitor uncovering questline.
Added lightningstrike boss zombie quest for Ensign Cliff.
Added groundpounder boss zombie quest for Peter.
Added flamethrower boss zombie quest for Norbert.
Added config options to include boss zombies in spawns.
Added ability to track a quest in the HUD.
Added Industrial Gas Can. [ID 1440]
Added NPC/dialogue/quest/vendor documentation to workshop documentation.
Added deferred decal support and converted many decal-like objects to use it.


Improved aggressive actions to mark entire group.


Tweaked player buttons to link to Steam profile.
Tweaked armory to sell rangefinder instead of detonator.


Fixed a variety of bugs with the bayonet.
Fixed to allow scaling NPCs.
Fixed using mannequin while using item.
Fixed nightvision glow after toggling cosmetics.
Fixed missing ceiling collision in one of Mooki's houses.

Deferred Decals:

It was a bit of a nightmare to get everything working with them, but as far as I can tell the only issue now is a slight lighting difference with Use_Skybox_Ambience. Now that we have SMAA I think keeping forward rendering around alongside deferred isn't worth it considering the benefits of deferred, for example these decals or screen-space reflections (which I'll be swapping ...

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This week I improved and expanded a lot of the NPC features, added the ability to have objects tied to quests e.g. fixing the map's radio towers, added the Liberator/new objects to Russia and got started filling it with characters/quests. If you do visit the Liberator there are several interesting quests, but be warned it feels very empty without all the dialogue complete/missing characters.

Going forward I'll be adding the rest of the core quests/dialogue, of which I have some ideas I'm pretty excited about like uncovering a traitor and solving a murder mystery. Then the side characters will come in to fill things out (for example the guards will instruct to visit the Captain when you come aboard, address you by your rank and keep a close eye on low rep players). I also want to give the Scientist character some unique rewards to research as you help out to reward trying different quests, so you'll come to him after doing a few quests and get a blueprint for maybe a bayonet or 4 barrel shotgun.

If you want to get started with NPCs in your own map you ...

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Added Lieutenant Oswald in charge of scouting the area.
Added Doc Ernie blueprint unlocks/dialogue.
Added Mechanic's engine repair quest.
Added Medic's research recovery quest.
Added Ensign Franklin to buy replacement uniforms from.
Added Nautical Nuisance quest for Rusty.
Added assorted filler NPCs with dialogue.
Added Quadbarrel. [ID 1436]
Added Bayonet. [ID 1438]


Improved missing a shot/swing that travelled within 4 meters of a player to mark you as an aggressor if not under attack.
Improved using lockpick/detonator/grenade to mark you as an aggressor if not under attack.
Improved vendor menu to show how many of a buyable item you already have.


Tweaked to show warning message when building in safezone.
Tweaked quest menu to better expand vertically and added return button.
Tweaked gunshot audio rolloff to make more sense.
Tweaked quest interactables to play effect when used.
Tweaked scaled buildables in editor to reset when deselected to avoid confusion.


Fixed using carjack/lockpick in safezone.
Fixed to allow suicide in non-arena safezones.
Fixed cleaning up last chat icon.
Fixed vendor item description applying rich text in wrong order.
Fixed fertilizer applying before animation.
Fixed using ladders to cancel animations.
Fixed ...

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Update Notes:

Added graphics option to enable SMAA.
Added ability to pose/mirror mannequins.
Added ability to delete cosmetics/skins.
Accepted a few new curated workshop items.
Updated from Unity 5.2.5f1 to 5.4.0p4.
Improved every single light to use emissive textures rather than halos.
Improved server info to list names of workshop files installed.
Improved server info screen to show config changes.
Improved nightvision glow to enable/disable.
Improved taclaser/rangefinder to work in 3rd person.
Tweaked horde beacon zombie health to not scale up as much.
Tweaked several more items to be scrapable.
Tweaked zombies to gradually wander to where they came from when pulled.
Fixed siphoning/refilling exploded vehicles.
Fixed incorrectly placed window slots in mansion_0.
Fixed profanity filter to cover server name/description.
Fixed a potential exploit with group IDs when joining server.
Fixed server info screen and in some cases drops not closing all menus.
Fixed server disabling all resources.
Fixed to completely prevent placing items that intersect a character.
Fixed to dequip item if obstruction check fails serverside.
Fixed invisible face_0 when refreshing character.
Fixed dropship missing engine audio.
Fixed a few possible issues with effect cleanup ...

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Update Notes:

Added new server info screen when connecting.
Added ability to rotate items in display storage.
Added graphics options to enable/disable ragdolls and debris.
Added config options for remaining gamemode differences.
Added craftable sandwiches for all meats/fishes. [IDs 1398-1407]
Added Mannequins. [IDs 1408-1409]
Added Plaques. [IDs 1410-1413]


Improved performance of several core systems.


Tweaked medium/small engines to use the old audio.


Fixed potential cause of storage stuck in "busy" state.

Fixed wind rapidly changing direction.

Fixed detect radius multiplier to apply to all alerts.

Fixed amount of ammo in Matamorez Box.

Fixed repairing fishing rods rather than

Fixed dropped clothing losing metadata.

Fixed placement of several bridges on Russia.

Fixed several easily abused spots in tank train tunnel.

Server Info:

Now when browsing the server list you can click on a server for more information about it before joining. If you host a server you can also include some extra details by setting a URL to a .png or .jpg icon and a short description in the Config.json file.


Options such as hitmarkers, crosshairs, ballistics and maps are now available in the gameplay config section, and zombie speed in ...

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Update Notes:

Added HMG to Hind and HMG Box. [ID 1395]
Added Ghillie Netting. [IDs 1396-1397]
Added support for server plugins to request client to view URL.
Added guide for creating community updates.
Improved wheeled vehicle audio.
Improved objects to save by file name rather than ID.
Tweaked several more actions/sounds to attract zombies.
Tweaked generator/fire/drill noises to be less annoying.
Tweaked bans to apply by IP as well as steam ID if the target is connected.
Tweaked streamer mode to hide slightly more info.
Fixed hole in roof at end of metro tunnel.
Fixed farm tractor spawns.
Fixed note_18 line count.
Fixed fire_1 side door slot.
Fixed gap in silo radio tower ladder.
Fixed floating bush near junkyard.
Fixed floating lights at mansion.
Fixed confusingly placed boat objects.
Fixed switches at factory/junction.
Fixed several jumps in main line tracks.
Fixed zombie spawn in airport rafters.
Fixed zombie spawn in wall of camp cottage.
Fixed incorrect boat spawns in wrong places.
Fixed mafia zombie drops spawnrate.
Fixed up collision issues a bit with Mooki's objects.
Fixed underground zombie/vehicle spawns in front of airport.
Fixed missing and/or over exaggerated rubble ...

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Russia Map

The map you've all been waiting for is finally here - Russia is now available to play!

Russia is Unturned's new largest map clocking in at 4x the size of PEI/Washington/Yukon giving you tons of room for bases and exploration, and through its tiered loot progression provides an interesting blend between survival and combat. Many of the new gameplay features from the past couple months have been designed with this map in mind as well, for example the best items are hidden away in the new radioactive deadzones giving reason to loot the lower portions of the map for gasmasks/filters.

It's also been a bit of an experiment: until now Unturned's development has been entirely solo, but for this project I worked together with several community members popular for their workshop submissions to help on the map. This has proven a very interesting experience, and in the near future I'll be putting together documentation/tips/rules based on what I learned through the process so that this can be expanded to more community-created updates!

Thanks to Justin "Gamez2much" Morton and Mitch "Sketches" Wheaton for their work on the map itself, Alex ...

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Unturned Item Ids

Unturned Items is a complete, searchable list of all current item IDs, vehicle IDs, and helicopter IDs in Unturned. This site is actively maintained and updated with all new item IDs every week.

Latest Unturned Vehicles

Latest Unturned Items

How to Use

Zaup's Shop Mod: /buy id, /sell id, /cost id
Rocketmod: /give id amount, /v id
Singleplayer: @give username/id/amount